Official Sajamamusic



Sajama, who takes the name from the highest peak in the Andes, is a unique group with Andean musical roots.  The group was formed in 1990 by it’s leader Ruben Sajama Currently the group has accomplished recording nine cd’s, Todos Juntos being the most recent. The group and it’s excellent musicians with diverse musical experience such as

Folk Pop, Latin, Afro Peruvian, Cuban beat, Latin Jazz and Rock have created an original sound and style loved by it’s fans and respected by the extremely competitive market of Los Angeles.  Sajama has evolved into a group that brings fresh approach to Latin American and international rhythms such as Brazilian, Cuban, Tropical and Andean music.  The main attraction in the group is the special and unique sound of the Chromatic Zampona (Pan Flute) played by Ruben Ortiz.  This beautiful South American instrument brings not only the sounds of an ancient culture, but also allows Sajama to play in a much broader musical spectrum.

 Sajama has performed in numerous events, concerts, movies and television shows all over the United States.  They have been the main attraction and the most successful group at Universal Studios, Hollywood (City Walk) since it’s opening in 1992.  They have appeared in Sabado Gigante ( the most popular tv show in Latin America and the United States for the Spanish speaking market).  They also made their appearances on the Jay Leno tv showbroadcast directly from Las Vegas, Nevada.  While in Las Vegas Sajama performed for six months at Fremont street experience.  Not to mention all of the non profit and charity events that Sajama was able to contribute their talent for.